Celebrate FanCon 2020.

Since the physical event is cancelled we are happy to announce an online celebration of FanCon for 2020 !

Join us on the weekend of 4-5 July, from your couch,
for a gathering of all things geeky as we "Celebrate FanCon" 

Long, long ago in a galaxy far away… but truly, it was only last year when FanCon 2019 gave us new hope in a busy year. Can you remember how that moment felt? Let’s go back for a second…
The line snakes before you, through doors that echoes with laughter. You've already spotted a lightsaber from the corner of your eye, and that's definitely an Eevee ear by the churro stand. You can see brightly-coloured merchandise in the distance and you hurriedly turn over the wallet in your hand, hoping there's an ATM nearby if your cards can't get you what you need. Your friend is tugging at your arm, saying, "Let's take a selfie!" and you break out into a nervous smile. This is where you belong, on the cusp of the event you've waited a whole year for: FanCon!
Now take a step back to the present. 2020 may not be the year of conventions, but it doesn’t stop a fan from remembering all things great about a con...especially FanCon.
FanCon: the event that's for the fans and by the fans. It's never lost momentum since it first bloomed on the Mother City's shores, and if you somehow missed its previous runs, now is the time to catch up as we bring back all the memories and celebrate FanCon!
We introduce to you: The Fan-tastic FanCon Celebration Weekend! Come online to reminisce with other fans about your favourite memories of Cape Town's premiere comic book and geek culture convention! We have more planned for a special curated online experience for every fan of FanCon, but you will have to wait and see for the announcements in the weeks ahead! To quote a great man, ‘Come hangout with other fans and celebrate FanCon and all the geeky things we usually do’
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Catch all the latest from our talented creators !
We'll be showcasing on our socials, their art, comics, prints & more !
CLICK HERE to see the full line up of artists in our Celebrate FanCon Artist Alley

Look out as we showcase some of the amazing vendors usually found in halls of FanCon !
Talented and creative small business all passionate about bringing you the best in geek merch
Click here for all the info

Cosplayers, assemble! Are you ready to wow the world with your power of metamorphosis? It’s time to break out of your cocoon and flex your artistic skills with the #FanConFlipChallenge!
All info here

Be the king of the Fandom foodies with your geek inspired cooking & baking
All the details here

The legendary FanCon GEEK QUIZ gets the online treatment as part of the #CelebrateFanCon2020 weekend ! 
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We'll have some special guests joining us over the #CelebrateFanCon weekend !

Online Tabletop Gaming all weekend courtesy of @DUMDUMDIE
All the info here
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Team FanCon will be chatting the how and the what of FanCon over the #CelebrateFanCon weekend ! 
We will be answering some of those questions sent in over the last week ! 

Memories are beautiful treasures. They can spark such strong emotions of happiness, bring a tear to the eye from the overwhelming nostalgia and warm one's heart with fondness. FanCon memories are no different.

Whether it was walking into the con and seeing your cosplay counterpart and instantly forming a lifelong bond, to fangirling over your favourite artist as they draw you a commission... Maybe it was having a conversation about your favourite comic book story with the writer themselves, or sharing matching dragonite plushies you purchased with a friend from a vendor? Everyone's experience is different!

During the #CelebrateFanCon2020 Weekend, please share with us your FanCon memories using the hashtag #FanConFan2020. Whether it be from one FanCon, or going all the way back to #fcbd where the FanCon journey all started; there is no limit to the number of memories you can share! Let’s celebrate all our favourite memories together as we look forward to Fancon 2021!

#CelebrateFanCon2020 #FanConFan2020 #FCF2020

Last year, FanCon brought you the Cosplay Showcase! A space for local cosplayers to sell prints of their cosplays and showcase their work. For #CelebrateFanCon2020, we want to create a space where you can do this again!

If you are a cosplayer that sells prints, contact us to promote your work! Nervous to showcase on your own? You can do it as a duo team!

Just email us at cosplayatfancon@gmail.com with the following:
Pics of the individual prints you will be selling (max of 6, even if you are entering as a duo)
Size specification of the prints (eg. A4, A3, A5...)
Your cosplay handle
Where interested buyers can contact you to arrange purchase (eg. DM you, e-commerce links, ko-fi, patreon etc)
Optional: Any gifts with prints, bundles and prices. You can include a note that other prints are available, as we can only showcase a max of 6.
The cut off date for all cosplay print submissions is Wednesday, 1 July.

#CelebrateFanCon2020 #FanConCosplayShowcase #CosplayPrints #CosplayatFanCon

Baka Sakura & Ludus Cosplay, will do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) for all your cosplay related questions!
Drop us your questions via email ( cosplayatfancon@gmail.com )  and tune in live during the
#CelebrateFanCon2020 wknd for the answers!

📣Calling all artists!
This 24 Hour Drawing Challenge is just for you!

Get creative and draw your own comic book cover, using the blank template we have provided!