Celebrate FanCon - Flip Challenge

Cosplayers, assemble! Are you ready to wow the world with your power of metamorphosis? It’s time to break out of your (lockdown) cocoon and flex your artistic skills with the #FanConFlipChallenge! Send us a short clip of your before-and-after in cosplay and we will put it together in one awesome video chain of reveals!

Show us your favourite FanCon cosplay, pull out your ol’ faithful,finish a look you were working on or blast out something new: the choice of what to show is yours. Full details below, but expect to see the video during our #CelebrateFanCon2020 (4-5 July). Until then, go wild and have fun! 

- Video submissions must be sent to cosplayatfancon@gmail.com. No alternative forms of submission will be considered.
- Total clip length must not exceed 10 seconds, as we are only able to loop the song twice.
- Limited to one submission per person.
- Submissions must include your name or your handle so that we can credit all involved.
- Clips must be filmed in Portrait mode, ideally 720p, 9:16 aspect ratio where possible.
- Clips must have 3 flips to seamlessly edit them together. A flip up to start showing your casual self, a flip for the transformation reveal and then a flip to end. Please see our demo video for this!
- If you are not able to edit the before and after clips together, the 2 videos can be sent separately as long as the total for both videos together do not exceed the 10 second limit.
- The cut off date for all submissions is 22 June 2020 at midnight.
- Once your submission is received, we will notify you and let you know if your video has made it into the first 40 submissions.Or if a second video is made, into the first 80 submissions!
- If your submission has been included in our video, please refrain from posting your submission on any social media channels until after the FanCon Celebration weekend, in order to keep the video a surprise for everyone involved!

So, to summarise:

Prepare for a challenge, to show your double.
To protect the world from devastation!
To unite all peoples within our nation!
To announce the powers of passion and fun!
To extend our reach to the stars online!
FanCon presents:
Cosplayers blasting off at the speed of light!
Grab your camera, or prepare to miss out!

It’s the FanCon Flip Challenge, that’s right!

Check out this video demonstration by Ludus Cosplay to show how to make your video for submission!