Celebrate FanCon Fandom Feast.

At FanCon, finding food has always been one grand adventure. Do you brave the long lines inside and hope you don't miss the panel you were looking forward to? Do you gather your Company and lead a charge into the nearest Burger King? Or perhaps you will survive on your pre-prepared lembas-equivalent snacks throughout the day... The beast of hunger and thirst is hard to beat, and requires constant sacrifice to keep it appeased.

But all dragons must be slayed, although now that you're tucked away in your hobbit holes, the battle has turned in your favour. What weapons do you have to win the Battle against the Five Armies of dishes, demotivation, dirt, decreasing pantries and an unending deluge of recipes to try? Consider our latest campaign your secret boon: cook a fandom-friendly recipe during our #CelebrateFanCon2020 weekend, and stand a chance to win a food prize!

Your dish can be anything, from a cutely decorated cupcake to a faithful recreation of a character's favourite meal (is it time for a chimichanga?). Just drop us a picture of your creation during our celebration using the hashtags #CelebrateFanCon2020 and #FanConFandomFeast, tag our account in the photo, and you could be chosen as the #FanConFavourite that will receive some delectable treats! And since a hobbit eats at least 7 meals a day, feel free to enter as many times as you like. Sharing your recipe is optional, but we will need proof that you made the item in question (preferably a picture of you/a family member with the item, but photographing the hashtags and/or recipe with your creation is a bonus!).

So start flexing your kitchen skills, and get ready to drop your pics between 4-5 July. 

For if we must dine tonight, then we shall all cook together!

#CelebrateFanCon2020 #CFC2020 #FanConFandomFeast

To give you a little "taste" of things to come for the FanCon Fandom Feast, check out @potatosack take up the challenge of making the famous FanCon Churros  (Thanks to Disney for the lovely recipe)