Celebrate FanCon Geek Quiz.

The legendary FanCon GEEK QUIZ gets the online treatment as part of the #CelebrateFanCon2020 weekend !  #FanConGeekQuizz

Many of us have been made humble by our favourite fandoms' fun facts, jumped up and down with our hands waving in the air to get the quiz master’s attention first or shouted ‘HE LIKES BIG WOMEN!’ from across the FanCon hall thanks to the FanCon Geek Quiz. The geek quiz is a firm FanCon favourite and what kind of #CelebrateFanCon2020 Weekend would it be if we didn’t have the #FanConGeekQuiz.

FanCon is here to bring you its famous geek quiz pack with a massive variety of all geek fandoms! Comics? Of course! Sci fi? Always! Fantasy? Anime? Gaming? Yes! Yes to it all! On each day of the #CelebrateFanCon2020 Weekend, we will have an online geek quiz that will be held live and as a participant you will have a limited time to answer all the questions! And the prizes you ask? Because we know FanCon always has great Geek Quiz prizes! Prizes up for grabs are past FanCon Merch and Signed items by past FanCon Guests!

The Quiz Masters are working hard on their questions to try to stump you, so start your research!

Watch our socials for all the details, times, prizes .. etc.

#CelebrateFanCon2020 #FanConGeekQuiz