Online Tabletop Gaming.

Dum Dum Die and Fancon 2020 welcomes you to ONLINE TABLETOP ROLEPLAYING!

Calling all tabletop gamers! We have teamed up with the illustrious crew behind @DumDumDie to bring you some roleplaying fun and games! That’s right, we will be running several online games for you and your friends to sign up for and join in on all the fun. We have a group of fantastic Game Masters (GMs) who are looking for adventurers to join them in a world of swords and sorcery, magic and mayhem, mazes and monsters, raccoons and rubbish… or perhaps a few dungeons and dragons!

Come and join the adventure using dice, your imagination and your epic character (don’t worry it’s pre-built so you can give it a try). We have a Dungeons and Dragons adventure for new players and people who just want to try it out as well as adventures for advanced players using various systems like Mothership, Crash Pandas and Starfinder.

Date: 4th and 5th July

Session Times: 11 am and 2:30pm

Event Address: Online (hosted through Discord, Roll20 and/or Fantasy Grounds)

Cost: The New player game is free to play otherwise all other games are R 50 per player (this money is going the charity foundation, Connect a Heart Foundation, towards their winter soup drive) 

Book your seat here: https://bit.ly/37RpW9y 


Contact us: dumdumdiepod@gmail.com 

Once paid for and you have chosen your table, your GM will send you all the details, links and character sheet for you to access your online table. Since getting into your desired event is important, we have a system for making sure you get your seat. You can book ahead of time to guarantee your spot at a particular RPG module. But if you don't arrive five minutes before your game time starts your slot will be given to someone else. You can sign up before the event, this will be on a  first come first served basis, after all the ticket holders have taken their seat. Of course, if an event is sold out, or someone is waiting, then you may not get in.

Please pay your R 50 to:

Reference: DDD your name


Account Name: Fancon

Account Number: 072583126

Branch Code: 025109

Account Type: Current acc

Send your POP to dumdumdiepod@gmail.com 

*We do reserve the right to change these games should we need to but all participants will be informed of any changes and should they not wish to play the changed game, will be refunded.

All you need to do is bring your imagination and some dice from the comfort of your own home or if you do not have dice, here is a link to a free dice roller from Dnd: https://www.wizards.com/dnd/dice/dice.htm

Dum Dum Die discord server, a place to chat to other tabletop gamers and a great way to find some people keen to play Dnd. And also listen to their stream
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