These were the Exhibitors at FanCon 2017.

This list is divided in two sections, first ARTIST ALLEY and then general EXHIBITORS. 

Stand number allocations will be added by mid April

Artist Alley


 Ampie Art


 Art of Gabriella Jardine


 Art of Valentina Philips




 Daniel Hugo Illustration


 David Griessel Art and Illustration


 Deon de Lange / Liberty




 Eric Powell (USA)


 Fifth Ace Comics



 Hazer88 Studios


  Ian Jepson


 Ina Art Du Plesis


 Inks M.D.


 John Layman (USA) 


 Josh Ryba


 Kaos Produktion Studios


 Kay Carmichael


 Kwezi - Loyiso Mkezi




 Liezl Bohnen


 Madskull Art


 Maya Lemaitre


 Mellow Yellow


 Milo Wildcat Illustration


 Mister Cat Illustrations


 Molver Comics


 Remi Abrahams


 Rebel Monkey


 Ron Marz (USA)


Platymoose Ninja


 Santosh Moses


 Sean Izaakse


 Sector Comics


 Shameema Art and Illustration


 Studio Woo


 The Modern Dragon


 They Did This !


 Warren Louw


 Warren Raysdorf


Shane Copeland 



 4Ever Odd


 A.I. Fest


 Ag Pleez Daddy


Amak / ToonZA

Aspris Visual Art

Aurea Jewellery Design

Battle Bunker



 Cosplay Cape Town


 Crimson & Clover


 Emissary Elixers Trading Co


 Fanaticus Board Games


 FanCon Official Shop


 Friends of Design


Frockabilly by Cherry Lisa


 Geek XP




 Horrific Creations


 Iwatobi Shop


 Krafts By Witch Knight


 Like Clockwork


 Messi Merchandise


 Mini Me Memorables


 Missy Mad Hatter


 Murder Soda


 Mystic Moon Creations


 Ollie's Emporium


 Pink Peanut Butter


 Plushie Heaven


 Prima Toys


 Readers Den Comic Shop


 Readers Den Sale Shop


 Sad Shirts




 Sideshow Collectibles






 South African Board Game Design


 Starbright Silver Jewellery




 The Engrave Slave


 The Nexus -AWX & Outer Limits


 The Silk Road


 Top Cow Productions (USA)


 Treasure Box


 Trinity Concepts P3


 Tulips and Chimneys


 Unplug Yourself




 Vortex Inc (Nigeria)


 Wandering Neko


 Why Not Body Art Expressions




City Varsity

Calssara (Germany)

Kinpatsu Cosplay


Blab Cafe












Exhibitor list correct at time of publishing